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Thursday, 20 February 2014

On a happier note...

                                    After my momentary loss of drive last week I have had some news that has really kicked me into gear again. What was really holding me back was the thought of painting four or five hundred figures and having to hand paint the shields . So last week more in hope than certainty I decided to conact Little Big men Studios to discuss my problem. To my amazement he explained to me that resizing the 28mm shield designs to the sizes I required was relatively easy as long as the proportions stayed the same. The cost was very reasonable too. So I am currently waiting delivery of a large number of Irish and Pictish shield designs made to my size specifications. This has REALLY motivated me and I set to work again with some relish.. 

                                  As a result I have in the last few days completed 2 elements of saxon warriors, one of Javelin skirmishers and one of bow armed skirmishers. They took me a little longer as I tried to use as many figures from as many ranges as possible . I'm well pleased with the results. 

I continued trying to get an irregular look by the positioning of each figure. I also went for a very mobile look by the positioning of spears and the animation of the figures. 

Tried for a less mobile look here. Not so pleased with this one something isn't quite right. Maybe the "hole" in the middle is a bit big



Nice little skirmish element. With so many figures to choose from you can really get a lot of variety.


Bit boring this one. I couldn't get excited about doing another bow skirmish base so not many conversions here.


Well that has really eaten into the "elements to do pile" . All that is left now are two warriors, two skirmish and two riders. Time to crack on.