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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What about the saxons

You might well ask.

What about the Saxons indeed?

When I started this project there were no Saxons to match the Kallistra Romano Brits. In fact if  I remember rightly there were no Romano Brits they were listed as a fantasy range. I have to admit I was very happy to see the release of the Saxon, Viking and Norman ranges as I finally had figures to use to represent the Romano-Brits traditional enemy. At sometime during the process of building the late Romans I ordered some packs of the Saxons and when they arrived I knew I was in serious trouble. It was immediately obvious that I wouldn't be able to find shield decals for more than twenty percent of the figures. To be honest I wasn't sure I would locate any LBM decals I could make shields to match. I eventually remembered from my days of playing 15mm ancients that essex figures tended to be on the smaller side and when I checked I spotted some Viking shield decals DA(essex)1. I ordered some and when they arrived they were perfect.

                The shield problem was solved. I would replace half the shields, use decals on some of the remaining ones and those I couldn't be bothered changing I would paint with simple geometric designs. I was relieved to find a solution because I simply loved the Kallistra figures. Not only did they look right but the animation was superb. I didn't like the two up basing so I simply separated them.. I changed most of the weapons and in some cases added both spear and javelin. I love the results. So far I have built a general stand, three noble stands and three ordinary warrior stands.

The generals element came first. I used fully armoured figures including an armoured horn blower. I tried to get a disorganised apppearance to it as I saw the saxons as warrior elements. They turned out quite well.

 The noble elements benefited from my experience with the Romans and have turned out by far the best bases yet. I distinguished them by giving them individual banners and making a large proportion of the figures armoured.

Ordinary warrior elements distiguished by having very few armoured figures and no standards

I absolutely love these elements. They are brilliantly executed by Kallistra and really look the part. 

                                           I only have seven elements finished to date and I am waiting for a delivery from kallistra. However just these few bases provide a powerful 32 point force for Dux Bellorum.

                                           There are still a number of points to define with this army. Do I for instance believe in Saxon cavalry?. Well I guess from the evidence that I do but everything I was taught at school said otherwise.. It's hard to fight that :)  .  I plan on some skirmish elements in the next week or so probably javelin, sling and bow. I also plan to make at least three more ordinary warrior elements.


  1. Stunning work and one again a massive look of each base.

    Please tell me a bit about your base sizes for different troop types and how many minis you use for each of them. 40mm wide?

    Best regards Michael

  2. Sure no problem. First thanks for the comment especially as i love the work on your blog. As to the bases
    , remember that these are 10mm figures. I used 60x60 for cavalry and 60x40 for the infantry. For the cavalry I use 11 or 12 figures figures per base. If I'm trying to give the impression of organised , semi-trained "regular" troops like late Romans I use 12 figures. If I'm trying to portray a more a more heroic look then I use 11 or even 10 so that I get a more animated look to the base. The skirmishers have 7 figures per base and i try for a diorama approach but it looks a little sparse to me now and maybe 8 would be better. For the infantry I use 18 figs in 3 lines for shieldwall. it would be hard to squeeze any more. For warriors I use 2 or 3 less figures allowing 1 or 2 figs less in the front rows. That makes it look like the gung ho guys are pushing ahead. for skirmishers i use 9 figures and that blooks about right

    1. Thanks for your quick replay and the dedicated blog post about your basing:)

      Best regards Michael