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Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Joys of Blogging

        Well this has been my first effort as a blogger. I started because the website I have maintained for many years contains elements that our now security concious interweb does not like. The site is large and sprawling and trying to right it would probably take a lifetime of which I don't have so many years to go.. heheh. I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying the experience so far and am contemplating starting a second blog to cover my general wargaming interests not the least of which being my 30 year flirtation with haircurler armies. The only record I have is on my website at

Frankly they deserve better and so I think a new blog recording their developement could be of interest.

              One problem I have is trying to propagate knowledge of the site amongst other wargamers. It seems to me the most efficient way is to join one of the blogging rings for wargames such as blogs of war. To date I have been singularly unsuccessful. I have applied several times but apart from  a short and uninformative application form, I have had no feedback from any of the sites I applied to. Ah well time will tell I guess. 
             Summing up, I am thoroughly enjoying the blogging experience. There is something very satisfying in recording your progress as you go along and sharing it with others. I am also enjoying visiting other peoples blogs and joining in the conversations. It fills that gregarious need that wargamers have to share their hobby with others, something I have missed in my corner of Spain where all of my gaming is solo.. So BLOG ON!!!


  1. I've mixed views on blogging as I haven't found doing my own that satisfying. I'm now at the point where I've more or less given up with it (it doesn't help that My blog stopped opening photo's in a light box and took you straight to a photo album and I can't find a way to fix it).

    However on the other hand I find many other peoples blogs to be good sources of inspiration for painting, basing and scenarios. They can also be a good way of find out about rules sets with people posting battle reports and other rules related info. I think that the variety of information provided by bloggers whether it be battle reports, figure and book reviews or their painting really does make a difference to the wargaming "community" and being a wargamer would be harder (and perhaps more isolated) without it.


  2. I follow quite a few Blogs that I find inspiring and informative and agree with Richard's sentiments. My own musings have also inspired a few other gamers which is very satisfying. 50% of my gaming is solo so I find Blogs a great way of keeping abreast of what is happening in the big wide world of wargaming. I also just have one Blog so that all my gaming stuff is in one place, which is easier for me and maybe for others too.

    Keep up the good work Robert and I remember seeing your matchstick men a few years ago via a Forum and thought they were fantastic (but mad;))