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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

So What now?

                      My previous post re the saxons brings me, a unit or two not withstanding, to more or less where the project is today. I'm waiting on reserves from kallistra to finish off the armies I have already so, it's time for a bit of planning I suppose. Considering it's been 40 years in the planning, the 4 months it's taken to reach this stage isn't too bad. So now what? Well I have a shortlist of wants in the following order of importance Terrain, Irish and Picts. I also have some more books on order of course! one has to feed the habit.
                      The terrain item is easy to handle . Some years ago I started a project to build cork tile modular terrain boards. they were designed to provide a stage for my haircurler armies (don't ask that's another project ) . It really got out of hand and I built myself an embarrasing quantity (I really enjoyed doing it). My gaming table is one metre twenty by ninety centimetres and I  have enough boards to cover a football pitch.  These were meant to work with roughly 6mm figures and the trees are a tad short for 10mm. I have tried them with the 10mm and they don't look too bad. To be honest I used about a thousand "made in China" trees to produce the mobile forests I currently own and don't fancy repeating the experience for one centimetre more. Furthermore my wargames bunker is hardly large enough to be classed as a closet and storage is a little tight.That really only leaves buildings and built up areas. I'll probably build a small Roman fort and need some dwellings farmsteads etc. Buildings have always been a problem for me. I am a very competent modeller but the technical term for my ability to paint even passable buildings is "CRAP". As a result when it comes to buildings I tend to buy all painted stuff. My main source has been  "total battle miniatures". I have to say this guys work is awesome and I cannot praise them highly enough. So I have ordered a small towns worth of buildings from him and they should arrive any day now following the Christmas hold ups. I'm attracted to the new dark age buildings from Kallistra but then there's the painting problem.. Hey Ho...
               The Irish and Picts are a major headache. I haven't yet found any major answers to this one. It looks like figures compatible to Kallistra are not available at present and if they were, what about the damn shields? I have found one or two figure across the ranges I could use but not enough to fill an army. So there are a few long term solutions to this.I could badger Kallistra for new ranges and if successful suggest to LBM studios that matching shield decals are of major interest to them. Can't say I'm convinced that will work though. The second solution is frankly worrying.  Last night the demons came visiting and that little internal voice whispered "make" your own. HELP!!!!

             The answer to what now is wait for the postman and see where that leads.

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