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Monday, 13 January 2014

Posty you have done it again . Nice one

This morning the posty brought me two packages I have been waiting for. I do so enjoy receiving parcels. Childish I know but satisfying.

       The first package was a dozen pots of Coat d'armes paints. I really like these apart from the flip top lids so they are currently on the shelf waiting to be decanted into plastic drip bottles like those used by Vallejo. I have been doing this since the last lot of flip tops that I threw away as they had gone hard. I must have thrown a fortune away like that.. If anyone is interested there's a great how to video at :-

    The second package was MUCH more interesting. It contained the last batch of figures I ordered from Kallistra.

Only two packs here that I haven't seen before. Saxon skirmishers with bow and sling.. Very nice. The most interesting however was the unarmoured Norman Spears. these have lots of potential and are worth further attention

These are really nice figures. Well proportioned and full of animation. Apart from the shield which clearly say Norman period these are unarmoured and have no helmet or swords and many have cloaks. Just a quick glance shows that with minor surgery these could be a source of generic spearman for any army in post Roman Britain. I was so interested , I quickly attacked a strip with some side clippers.

This before and after shot needs a lot of cleaning up but I think amply demonstrates just how useful this pack will be.. Nice on kallistra . Now about those 12 mm seperately cast heads I mentioned.

Now all I have to do is finish that Welsh warband and I can play with my new toys..

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  1. Always nice to receive goodies in the post. My Kingdom of heaven supplement is awaiting me at home according to my dear wife. Can't wait to get me grubby mits on it. Childish pleasures as you rightly say Robert:)