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Sunday, 5 January 2014

LRB ordinary riders.

                   These are pure Kallistra but from a couple of ranges. Some are from the Romano-British set and some from the Norman unarmoured cavalry. There are a number of head and arm changes and all the weapons and shields have been replaced. The decals are from various LBM 15mm Arthurian sheets that I had to really cut about to fit. These decals are however wonderful looking so it was well worth the effort. 

                         The Normans required the most work as I had to completely remove the kite shields and reshape the helmets for a start. I actually ended up swapping heads on a few to get the look right.

                     The second unit spent a bit more time on trying to get more "action" into the scene. Not sure yet if I got it "right"

                   I am however extremely proud of the horn blower in the front rank. His bottom half is Norman, while his top half is from the saxon infantry set. Really like this figure.

                         Particularly like this shot as it brings home the effect of the packed bases. This REALLY looks like a unit.

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