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Monday, 20 January 2014

Oh joy unbounded


No not a clip from "Harry meets Sally" but my reaction to the latest delivery from Kallistra. As I said in an earlier post I am desperately looking for figures for the Picts and Irish. After careful examination of the Kallistra product listing I ordered packs of the folowing:-

H-914   100 years war highlanders
H-905   100 years war light troops
H-1008 wars of the roses welsh spearmen
601        barbarian horde.
                                                  The package arrived today and I am absolutely delighted.

                            I have to say the barbarian horde are nice figures but beyond my capabilities of turning them into dark age warriors. The others however are truly spectacular. between the 3 packs are a range of generically dressed lower class warriors. Fur cloaks. short cloaks, hooded cloaks, bare legs, bare arms in fact a super mix of figures. Just glancing through them has convinced me that when combined with some of the figures from the Norman unarmoured infantry, semi naked vikings, and the saxon unarmoured figures, they will provide all the figures I need for the Picts and irish infantry.. Furthermore the figures are beautifully animated and full of nice details. Well done kallistra.


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