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Monday, 6 January 2014

Odds and Sods and Champions

    The late Roman listing in "Dux Bellorum"  calls for a unit of cataphracts but do I really believe in those after the eagles left?  No not really, so I gave them a miss for the present. I did however go for bow warbands and bow skirmishers with composite bows, so I added them!


I really like these figures from Kallistra. They fit nicely into a late Romano-Brit army but if you merely change the bow to a straight bow then they would happily fit into most armies of the period.

I used the same figures for the skirmish group 

     Well that about wraps up the late Roman force. I still need to make a javelin armed skirmish group`. Not quite sure what figs to use for these but I'm sure something will be found to suit..


  DB doesn't have a need of champions but the modeller in me and other rule sets do. I decided to experiment and see what could be achieved in this scale. The first two efforts were generals on armoured horses. They are very similar to the images on the cover of the "Comitatus" rule book. I'm very happy with the results.

These were a LOT of work. I made them with the Kallistra samurai as the base figure and welded a variety of cavalry and infantry head and shoulders to them.
They were a joy to paint and the end results made it all worth while.

Of the two I probably prefer the first group over the second but they are both pretty good. 

A couple of extras

The rules do call for religious groups and as everyone knows, Arthur carried the flag for Christianity. This meant my first choice was a group of praying monks. A few mutilated peasants and an old rugged cross later....

These are Kallistra peasants "monkified" and with added crosses. They do the job I think

As I said above everyone knows Arthur flew the flag for Christ! Then again both Geoffrey of Monmouth  and Bernard Cornwell think differently.  Geoffrey's Merlin was definitely no Christian and Mr Cornwell is quite clear in his beliefs. In order to hedge my bets, I decided to add a druid group as well.

I think these started out as a Copplestone wizard and 2 Viking skirmishers from a Kallistra command pack. I particularly enjoyed the druid/shaman with the severed head. It was a bit fiddly but I really like the end result

Sooooooooooo!!  Discounting a couple of remaining elements that about covers the remnants of the imperial army after the eagles sailed. my next efforts would be in the heroic age as organisation became more regional and maybe even tribal.. More to follow!

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