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Monday, 6 January 2014

LRB infantry

   The infantry required the most work by far! I wanted this faction to represent a section of the civilisation that remained faithful to the roman way and organisation so went for a slightly more regimented look. The way I felt best to do this was via the shields and to be different I opted for round shields rather than oblong and decided to use the LBM decals designed for the 15mm old glory LRI. This of course meant I had to remove ALL the shields and weapons. This really did prove to be a pain but the end result is very nice even if the shields may look a little large. The dux bellorum lists call for two noble units and 6 ordinary.

 All of the infantry are Kallistra figures but I use figures from many ranges. These bands include figures from Romano-British, Saxon, Viking and Norman. All are heavily modified and in some cases with head swaps. I only have one noble infantry completed as I'm waiting delivery of a package from Kallistra. I used armoured troops for this group and armoured up a horn player from the Saxon set. 

 I don't have any problems mixing figures across the ranges as with time I think the troops took on a fairly homogeneous look any way with troop appearances being similar for all the combatant groups. Only minor differences would be visible in particular shields, hair colouring etc.

As soon as my reserves arrive I will attempt to complete these elements using the same shield design etc.
Next time the ordinary shieldwall

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