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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Late Romans last few elements

   Well I promised myself I would sustain the effort and fortunately I have succeeded. Today saw the finishing touches to the last few elements.

Skirmish element bow armed:-

    These are the Romano British archers from kallistra. They suit the part so I used them straight from the packet       


Bow armed warband:-

Again these are the same figures as the skirmish group and I used them with no conversion. I did however cut the arrows from some of the figures for variation

Shield wall elements:-

These are heavily converted from the Romano-Brit, Saxon and Norman packs. I have learnt a lot from previous conversions and found these far easier.

These have the same source as the last element but also use figures from the welsh and the highlanders from some of the other later medieval rangesranges.

                           I really like the variety I have achieved by using lots of figure sources and converting. There is little formality about the elements but the use of shield designs etc still imply a degree of organisation beyond tribal which was my intention when I first set to work on them. That more or less concludes the work I intend to do on the late Romans. Time now, I think, to ponder on which army to finish next.. Saxons possibly?


  1. Great work Robert and I think Saxons the best bet for your next army/warband. A bit of cavalry and some wardogs give these a really nice flavour IMHO.

  2. Wow, your paintwork on the shields is fabulous ! especially the secundani italiciani !!

    1. oh dear like Mr Washington I cannot tell a lie. The shield designs are cut down 15mm decals from LBMS designed for the "small" 15mm Essex figures. I would love to claim them as hand paints but wouldn't be able to sleep nights if I did.