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Monday, 13 January 2014

Iechyd da! - from the boys on the borders! part 2

This post takes the welsh unit from prep to painted. If your not interested , it's a bit like watching paint dry (did you see what I did there)  but for any one just learning how to paint etc. it may be of interest..

The initial phase is to cover the main clothing colours ie smock leggings cloaks and body armour. Followed by clothing detail such as belts bags and sword scabards.

The second stage is skin colour, hair, shields, spears  and black undercoat for metal parts such as shield bosses and helmets etc. The final stages are metallics such as helmets, spear blades and cloak clasps.

This stage is followed by a first matt acrylic varnish. this seals the paints, enhances metallics and undercuts and gives a good key on the shields for the decals. The decals are then applied and a final varnish applied. So now ready for basing.


Which brings us to the penultimate stage of basing and thats where I'm at now. Once the glue is quite dry I'll apply the lava sand and flock to get the base look I use on my models.

Maybe I'll make a final post showing the basing process..

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