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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Iechyd da! - from the boys on the borders! final part

So for those still interested, here is the final stage of painting the Welsh warband. We left them mounted on a naked MDF base at the end of an earlier post:-

Stage one is very simple. Completely cover the MDF with white PVA glue and pour black lava sand over the base. I found lava sand in a pet shop. Apparently its used for small lizards etc. It's very fine. Pour off the excess after a couple of hours.

Stage two is a liberal coat of  brown over the sand. I use a cheap acrylic brand I found here in Spain called Titanlux. Next using the same brand paint the sides in apple green and then when the brown is apparently dry but not quite, dry brush the brown with a lighter colour . I use tobacco

Stage 3 cover about 60% of the base in white glue leaving liberal patches of brown uncovered. Now sprinkle with green flock of choice and when dry shake of the excess. If necessary repeat to give the flock depth.

Finally apply tufts to your own liking and voila! Unit now ready for play.. Nice unit this with a lot of variety..


  1. I paint my figures when on the base, but these have been in single rows though. I might give your method a try as for my Baltic Crusades project I'm looking at more figures per base, similar in style to yours and Dalauappror's. This would certainly make painting a lot easier.

  2. The ice lolly stick approach was a natural step when I downsized from 25 and 15mm figs . I used to mount those on corks. One reason for liking this method is you can space them out and angle them on the sticks so you can get the brush into all those little corners which seem to be invisible while your painting but become glaringly visible when based up at 4 feet away on a gaming table.. . ;)