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Monday, 13 January 2014

An Interesting read

     Well it's a fairly miserable day here in my corner of Cataluña so I curled up in front of the fire to finish "The Last Companion". This book had a head start because one of the principle characters is my favourite Arthurian companion. (no spoilers)

It's certainly a book of two halves. It's as if the book was written by two different people.  The first half is disorganised, confusing, jumbled and bloody hard work to read and even harder if you want to understand what's going on. The second half is immensely enjoyable. Lots of action. Plenty of heroic fact and fantasy and I found it hard to put down. Had the whole of the book been like the second half it would have ranked awesome for me. The story is set in the legendary Arthurian and post Arthurian period. The story jumps from one to the other and it's not always clear which period your reading about.  It is however firmly set in Post Roman Britain and reflects much of current thinking about the period (not the fantasy elements of course). I was left with a feeling of reading a novel set in reality and fantasy all mixed up in a great dark age background and for me the author achieved an atmosphere that was right on the button. Despite the two part problem I have ordered the second part of the trilogy. If it matches the second part of this novel it will be worth the effort.

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