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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Skirmisher or two.

I meant to play over the weekend but got myself diverted in making more skirmish elements for the late Romans. I prepped up two javelin armed infantry elements and one of bow armed skirmishing cavalry. Here's the results and a little explanation,

These were converted from the Norman unarmoured infantry pack, some saxons and one I'm not sure about. New shields, new weapons and 3 head swaps.

These are mostly Normans with a few saxons and several head swaps. New shields and weapons etc. Several carry  spare Javelins in their shield hands.

These are all from the Kallistra romano brit pack but with several head swaps . I really like these.

So in order to have all the units in the list available I need 3 shield wall, 1 bow and 1 skirmish bow..  I aim to really put in the effort to finish these this week.


  1. Great work Robert and I like the idea of extra javelins in their shield hands. I may just have to 'borrow' this idea;). For my DB warbands I have put in an order with Pendraken to give me plenty of options for a mini-campaign, different scenarios as well as larger point battles. Can't wait for them to arrive!

    1. heheh I have really excelled myself this time. My aim when i started was to really reduce the lead mountain. I now have more unpainbted kallistra than when i started . How does that happen for gods sake??

    2. I don't know Robert but I share your confusion;).

  2. They look really good Robert.

    I'm sure lead piles have a life of their own and continue to grow of their own accord. No matter how much I paint there's always more to do.