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The once and future....

The once and future....

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A horseman riding by...

                Wow it's been a while since my last post. The summer has been so splendid here that it seemed such a waste of life to be sat in my bunker painting. I'm afraid the last couple of months have been more about fixing bits and pieces around the house and preparing for a huge reunion of old friends in September. However the call of the hobby is as strong as ever. Our on line system for Scharnhorst using cyberboard and google drive is now up and running with the 1809 campaign in Italy well into the first week. It's working very well and proving most enjoyable.
                 A quick check of my unit lists highlighted a lack of light cavalry elements so little by little I have been prepping and painting units for both armies. I have six done in the last weeks and fine they look too. I also received my order from various Amazon finds of Hourtouelle books. I bought "jena auerstadt", "Friedland" and "Marengo". I have to say I absolutely love them.  These, along with the Rawkins booklets and my collection of  John Gill books are simply my go to books now. Lovely stuff. Anyhow enough rambling here are the latest elements ready for the table.

The elements are two Austrian hussars, two Austrian light horse (one in white one in green) and two French chasseurs a cheval,

          French Chasseurs

 Austrian lights

 Austrian hussars

I also have prepped some rather splendid fellows from some of Walt's later designs which will replace the Imperial guard units I did a couple of years ago. The originals will revert to line status..

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Biehlberg and Gromstadt revisited.

                    With our 1809 Italian campaign under way and both sides playing hide and seeks in the mountain passes right now , Erik and I had nothing prepared for today's game . We decided therefore to revisit the much neglected part of Germany occupied by Biehlfeld and Gromstadt. Time to play "Maurice".  It seems we arrived just in time as Gromstadt launched itself into the adjoining duchy in search of recompense for some unimportant abuse or aggression.  As Erik hadn't seen the Maurice rules before it seemed an appropriate moment to introduce him. I should say that I have had the rules almost since launch but never had a real life opponent before so it was also an introduction for me too.

                    we used around a dozen units per side and played two games. To say we enjoyed ourselves is a gross understatement. I haven't had so much fun in a great many years. The game was simple but wonderfully subtle in its use of the cards for fog of war.  The high point for me and the moment that apparent victory changed suddenly to a sinking feeling of approaching death came when the second Gromberg Line infantry at the centre of my perfectly formed fire line, launched itself at the enemy to its front. This divided my command, caused the said units demise and left me in what I think is technically described as the deep shit.  I REALLY enjoyed my first real game of Maurice. Excellent rule set and more fun than a bunch of playful puppies. Absolutely loved it. We are definitely going back there again soon.
                    I did manage to take a wad of photos but without commentary and merely for ooh factor.

 Our first game was a disaster for Biehlberg as Erik came to terms with the command and control system or should I say didn't.

You will notice how fervently Erik is searching for useful cards in his hand . A searching that got more desperate as the fortunes of his army worsened.

The second game was wonderfully balanced until the unit in the centre of the Gromstatd fire line was played an interrupt card by Erik and hurled itself at the enemy   What followed was apocalyptic for Gromstatdt.

In this game I was the one desperately scrabbling through my card collection . Alas to no avail. The cards are such a hoot.

Roll on next weekend...

Saturday, 2 July 2016

memories of a far flung field..

             Not much to post this week as I am working on a cyberboard project to run our 1809 Danube campaign capable of covering all the theatres.. A tad ambitious but I am almost there for Bavaria.

           Yesterday I received a batch of pics from our mega game on 12th June from a participant. They are rather splendid and cover all three tables. No idea chronologically but I enjoyed looking at them..  Hope you do too. They are interesting in the although the majority of the figures are in MDF at least two corps were lead. The way they blend on the table is amazing...  Many thanks to Alfons for the Photos.  The rules are Blucher with a couple of house rules.

View of the whole battlefield from South to North

South                                    South

South                                    South

Centre                                 Centre

Centre                                 Centre

Centre                                 Centre

 Centre                                Centre

Centre                                 South

South                                 Centre

 North                                 North

South                                   North

Centre                                Centre

Centre                                 Centre

Centre                                 Centre

Centre                                 Centre

Saturday, 25 June 2016

hair curlers and their importance in the ACW....

                       The next stage of the hair curler revolution came in I think 1981 when Andy Callan presented an ACW game with hair curler at a CoW weekend. I liked them and decided the ACW was something I would like to explore.  He had used a different roller to mine and what attracted me was the fact you can make the cavalry from the rollers as well. I had a great deal of fun with these and they have been rebased at various times but these pics are their final condition. After many years using these I decided to try a what if campaign with the British invading from Canada and I also considered the fact that as they are so generic I could use them for the Crimean War as well.

                 Here are the last lot of pictures I did of these

First the Union troops. All made as shown at curlers how to. very simple and fast to paint . Once again don't get up close they look awful but give them a nice base, a good flag and some nice looking terrain they will be a pleasure to play with

made in exactly the same way. Mix of colours for variation and distinctive colours to define zouaves etc. 

Again the real effect lies in basing standards and terrain.

As mentioned earlier I also wanted to explore the possibilities of European intervention in the ACW so I have duly built a British expeditionary force

currently consisting of 12 regular battalions of infantry, 6 Canadian battalions, a light cavalry brigade, a  heavy cavalry brigade and 5 artillery batteries. 

Somewhere I have a Russian Crimean army half completed. I may dig it out one day when I can be bothered.